I'm so excited for the new Kimbry blog! In addition to some fabulous real weddings that we've been fortunate to photograph, I'm also going to post about our travels, wedding and engagement tips, excellent vendor spotlights, and many more in the upcoming months! As I mentioned before, I'm super excited about the project, and if you want to see a topic or have a wedding or photography question, I'd love to answer! E-mail me at kimbrystudios{at}hotmail.com and maybe we'll do a blog post.

     The very first topic that I'd like to dive into is: How to choose a truly unique and personal wedding style. Nothing makes me more excited as a photographer, to work with a bride and groom that have put time and effort into identifying a wedding inspiration and style all their own. That's not to say they've DIY every detail, or hand picked each flower, or personally been there to setup their wedding reception, but it's the process of figuring out what about a wedding they like and want to make their own. 

      There are a few tips that I've seen work best when choosing and sticking with your wedding style.  I feel that in order to find a wedding style that screams "YOU", all of these tips may be used.

#1       Identify your favorite spots to shop, eat, and hang out... both as a couple and as a bride.
If Anthropologie is your place to shop for your wardrobe, take a tour of their store with your wedding in mind. What about the atmosphere, clothing, home accessories, etc. do you like? Do the same with your favorite restaurants, theaters, concerts, etc. Write down your favorite impressions.

#2       What are your favorite hobbies and things to do?
Maybe you and your fiance love to plan trips.You love the adventure of the open road or visiting other countries. Now, before you leave it at "Travel Themed Wedding" explore what about travel makes you so happy. Maybe a particular culture or country or even city makes you crave going back. Suppose you toured London. You could take inspiration from some pubs that you may have eaten at, markets that you shopped, theaters that you visited, the Tube, the skyline, quaint, ivy covered cottages, museums, historical locations.... So instead of having a generic, "Travel" theme in mind, you've revisited the memory with your fiance and made it more personal together.

     The same goes for activities that you share together: baseball games, fly fishing, hiking, picnics, cooking, painting... the list goes on.

#3       What religious and family traditions do you want to incorporate?
Blending family traditions and cultures can be a great way to create memories and make your wedding day more meaningful and heartfelt for everyone that attends. Take time to understand family relationships, heirlooms, stories, etc to get a better feel for what may be an appropriate homage to your two families.

#4      Use Pinterest with caution
Pinterest is full of unique and wonderful ideas for weddings. Specific shots that a photographer can take, centerpieces, ceremony decor, dresses, cakes... But the key to this tip is to create a unique wedding for YOU. Copying an idea found on Pinterest may be easy, but it's not you. (To see a photographers perspective on Pinterest, check out Troy & Aimee Grover's blog post HERE)

     Because you're designing your own wedding based on what you like rather than what you've seen before, you're more likely to have your wedding featured on a fabulous wedding blog or repinned on Pinterest.

     In the end, a wedding that you've planned that is thoughtful, personal, and tailored to you is one that you'll enjoy more and be excited about. These are just a few simple tips of many (there are bound to be endless more!) on how to dig deep and find your wedding day style. It'll be an insight on you as a couple and when you look at your gorgeous wedding photos years from now, l still be a wonderful and happy piece of your memory.