It's been a wonderful year for Kimbry Studios! As many of you know, I had a baby in January and took a long maternity leave. I went on small shoots (Engagements and bridals) and our first wedding back was in April. Our wedding season this year lasted until end of August, and I loved it!!

This is our yearly, behind-the-scenes of Bryan and I's adventures, our crazy personalities, and our wonderful couples. Again, it's been a wonderful year getting know each bride and groom, their lovestory, being able to document and share a wonderful day with them, and stay in touch after the wedding! Enjoy!

Bryan shows Tyler how to dip- left is what "not to do" ;)
  I LOVE putting together styled wedding shoots, and this gorgeous Hawaiian wedding had been floating around in my head for months. Madison is so gorgeous and interesting fact, was pregnant in this shoot! Her hubby (Kirby) and her were such awesome models! And their baby is super adorbs...
  I'm learning to balance film and digital shooting- you'll probably notice that I carry more than one camera body around! It's a work in progress, but I adore the film so much, I color correct our digital to the film!
  Also, we're pretty goofy... and huge nerds... 

  Light checking- the cake is always a great model for us! 

  Family organizing and photographing is usually Bryan's job- he's taller, has a deeper and more commanding voice, and carries a bigger camera (the 70-200 is pretty impressive)

  If you shoot with us, we might put you in a tree... not all the time, just maybe... 

  Bryan has this trick for super bright sunlight- close your eyes, look up at the sun, then at the count of ten, Kim will take your picture... :)
  I kid you not, there was literally a tornado touching down nearby. We've had some extreme weather for weddings before (blizzards, downpours, 110 degree dry heat, 100% humidity...) but a South Dakota tornado is just about the most on the edge it gets! :)
  I like to dance at weddings and Ashley & Dustin's DJ played a polka song, and Bryan swept me onto the dance floor. This photo comes courtesy of our bride Ashley. 

  I HATE being cold. Like I DESPISE it. So I look overbundled most of the time, wear a lot of boots. multiple sweaters... yeah. Chelsea and Trude were troopers though- it rained pretty much nonstop during their engagement session and being as cute and in love as they are, they looked amazing.
  Biggest family group on the Atrium staircase EVER.
  This summer we had a few fellow photographer friends second and third shoot with us, and I loved it. This is Whitney and she had the brilliant idea to shoot the superhero groomsmen from above (showing off their themed socks!) And (below) her hiding in a grove of indoor plants to shoot the cake.
  In August, we flew to Oahu, Hawaii to shoot Henry & Mackenzie's wedding in the Laie LDS temple. I'm still not sure if I dreamed it (the pictures obviously prove otherwise) but I'm still trying to find a way to move there and live on the beach. Also, Henry & Mackenzie were the awesome! Super relaxed, fun, and up for adventure!
  Photo courtesy of Henry

  Again, move there in a heartbeat...
  So, we make our brides and grooms climb Hawaiian mountains too. We just know it'll be pretty epic and totally worth it!

  Michael & Hailey did bridals with us a week or so before the wedding, and the only day that it worked for them was the same day of a huge thunder and lightning storm! So we went out in the clouds (not much rain, thankfully!) and got some sweet storm and lightning pictures! 

  The pool at Michael and Hailey's backyard reception was so gorgeous and looked like soooo much fun, but I'm just grateful I didn't fall in! 

  This is Cam Stephens. He's is an awesome videographer. It was great to have Cam with us for our last wedding of the year!

  Jenn's sense of style is so gorgeously classic! I mean those shoes!! 

  Also my brother (farrrrr right, the really tall blonde guy) was the best man in Jennifer & Michael's wedding! 

I'm soo grateful for this year, both for how our family has grown and for how Kimbry has evolved and matured. I'm excited to see where we go next year and the fabulous brides & grooms we'll get to know!


Kim & Bryan