I'm so beyond excited about Jenny & KaCee's upcoming wedding! It'll be full of love, fun, and wintery goodness. We headed up into Island Park area for their engagement session and actually caught the last non-snowy day in the valley! We got some stunning views of the Tetons and had a blast playing in the snow. Get to know them a little better:

"We were actually set up by my ex boyfriend haha. We are all really good friends so it worked perfect!"
"After a few weeks of dating I realized I couldn't imagine my life without him. Which isn't a common feeling for me. He's the best thing that has ever entered my life!" 
"When I asked him....he said "One day I fell down and cut my knee, I thought to myself that I needed a nurse and then I realized I could have you around all the time." Soooo sarcastic." 
"We like adventures! And spending time with family and friends. This past week we went on a tandem bike ride and canoeing!"